Custom jeans for women and girls. Custom fit jeans

Sizing & Fit

Custom fit jeanswear in all sizes from petite to plus size.
There is a method to my madness. Please play along and grab a measuring tape. I happen to know that we are all different in our proportions, and for this, I measure and adjust the fit so that your jeans . are perfect . for you.
With that said, I will need you to measure:
Waist . Around your waist at the waistband. 
Hips . Around your hips at the fullest part of your buttocks.
Inseam . From the crotch of your pants, down the inside seam, to the bottom of the pant leg. To determine length. 
Rise . From the crotch of the jeans up to the top of the waistband, over the zipper. To determine lower or higher rise.
In special cases I may also need a measurement from your thigh or ankle. If so, I will be sure to include this detail in an email when we discuss fit.
Please do not forget to include the size from your size tag as well.
I am happy to alter any of the designs to fit your asthetic. Please include details such as flares, bootcut, skinny, light or dark denim, stretch, non stretch denim, less bleach, more bleach, different colors, etc. when sending size email.
For custom dresses or tops, please include size and measurements.
Bust . Waist . Hips . Length